Handheld Instrument for Administering Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test


Successful conviction comes with thorough and accurate investigation. Many times, the HGN portion of the SFST is done incorrectly, which allows the defense to place reasonable doubt into the minds of the jury.


Studies conducted by NHTSA indicate the HGN test, done incorrectly, significantly decreases an officer’s ability to detect the HGN clues. NHTSA has placed guidelines in the test to ensure accuracy and accountability.


Innovatively conceived, the HGpeN implements patented technology that is fueled by NHTSA guidelines. Using the HGpeN will take the guess work out of administering the HGN test correctly.

The HGpeN
  • Law Enforcement Tested
  • Prosecutor Recommended
  • SFST / DRE Instructor Endorsed And Approved