About the HGpeN

This video demonstrates the use of the HGpeN Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus tool.

The HGpeN was designed, developed and patented with input from SFST / DRE law enforcement professionals, prosecutors and defense attorneys. After several years of research & development followed up with intensive field testing, we have a product for the law enforcement officer that is not only simple to use, but reliable.

When I first discovered the HGpeN, I knew that I had found a tool that was going to prove itself to be as useful and important as everything I carry on my duty belt. I have always been confident in administering HGN, but, I have the outlook that there is always room for improvement in anything that I do, as do a lot of other officers. The HGpeN is the improvement that leaves absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that I administered the HGN test according to NHTSA standards.

The design of the HGpeN is user friendly, it is constructed of durable materials, and the customer service/support is outstanding. The fact that the HGpeN is user friendly makes the use of it effortless, which in turn, lets me concentrate on clues, officer safety, safety of the public, and the safety of the suspect. Anything that helps me or any other officer stay safe is priceless.

The HGpeN is the tool that will shut the defense attorneys down when they try to attack your timing and proper administrations of the HGN portion of the SFST. An officer's credibility is all we have when we are testifying in court so why wouldn't you want to help solidify your case just by using the HGpeN, instead of your ink pen or pen light?

My hat is off to the makers of HGpeN; inventing something that will stand up through the scrutiny of both law enforcement and defense attorneys; a task that is not easy to do.

Officer S. Holland, Oklahoma
The purpose of the HGpeN is to provide a standardized instrument to Law Enforcement for the HGN test battery. NHTSA has stated “Officers do not have standardized instruments with which to make precise measurements in the field”. The HGpeN solves that problem by implementing patented technology based on NHTSA guidelines that takes the guesswork out of properly administering the HGN test battery.

In 2012, there were 1,171,935 people arrested in the US for DWI/DUI. According to NHTSA, there were 10,322 drunk driving fatalities in 2012-compared to 9,865 in 2011. Providing law enforcement with the tools they need to accurately identify intoxicated/impaired drivers is a top priority for MADD and NHTSA. The HGpeN improves officer testing, assists in accurately identifying intoxicated drivers, improves courtroom testimony/convictions and also reduces overtime costs; but most importantly, it can help save lives.


We are proud the HGpeN is assembled in the USA and compliant with “Buy American Provisions/Recovery and Reinvestment Act” provisions.

At HGpeN, quality is not only a mindset, but also a way of life. We employ strict procedures and maintain control of quality throughout every step of the process. We employ a three-stage system to ensure quality control is applied in each stage of our operation.

Stage one of the process is to inspect all incoming components prior to assembly.

Stage two governs quality during the assembly process to detect any problems that may arise as a result of assembly. At this stage we perform inspections on assembled and in-process assembled units.

Stage three is our Outgoing Quality Assurance. This is the final process before products ship to customers. Specific tasks include: Perform visual and functional inspection of each HGpeN and if any issues are discovered, submit failure analysis reports and alert vendors.

At HGpeN, we strive to provide law enforcement with customer service that is second to none.