The following testimonials come from law enforcement professionals using the product in the field. Please use the contact form above to share your experience with the HGpeN.

I absolutely love it.....

I absolutely love it! This is an awesome tool!

S. Nail, Oklahoma

My hat is off to the makers of HGpeN.....

When I first discovered the HGpeN, I knew that I had found a tool that was going to prove itself to be as useful and important as everything I carry on my duty belt. I have always been confident in administering HGN, but, I have the outlook that there is always room for improvement in anything that I do, as do a lot of other officers. The HGpeN is the improvement that leaves absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that I administered the HGN test according to NHTSA standards.

The design of the HGpeN is user friendly, it is constructed of durable materials, and the customer service/support is outstanding. The fact that the HGpeN is user friendly makes the use of it effortless, which in turn, lets me concentrate on clues, officer safety, safety of the public, and the safety of the suspect. Anything that helps me or any other officer stay safe is priceless.

The HGpeN is the tool that will shut the defense attorneys down when they try to attack your timing and proper administrations of the HGN portion of the SFST. An officer's credibility is all we have when we are testifying in court so why wouldn't you want to help solidify your case just by using the HGpeN, instead of your ink pen or pen light?

My hat is off to the makers of HGpeN; inventing something that will stand up through the scrutiny of both law enforcement and defense attorneys; a task that is not easy to do.

Officer S. Holland, Oklahoma

I think the benefits are limitless.....

Beautifully designed, user friendly, easy to use, and simplifies a common task. I think the benefits are limitless. I recently compared the HGPEN to the biggest advance in technology in Law Enforcement since the Taser X26.

I think 2 or 3 years from now the HGPEN will be a standard piece of equipment on a patrol officer’s uniform. Imagine sitting on the stand at a jury trial and being asked how long you need to hold the stimuli at maximum deviation, except you know the answer and you nail it. It feels good until the Defense plays the video tape and it shows that you only held it at maximum deviation for 2 seconds, but you just said you held it for 4 seconds.

The biggest benefit is simply not getting embarrassed during a jury trial by the defense attorney. It is a horrible feeling to be sitting on the stand for a jury trial and not know the answer to a question or be backed into a corner. What price do you pay to not experience that? I just paid $59.95 and it is well worth it.

Sergeant C. Ramberg, Wisconsin

The jurors & judge really loved the technology

I introduced my HGpeN into district court on a Felony DWI case. The jurors as well as the judge really loved the technology. I don't perform HGN without it.

G. Cantu, Corpus Christi Texas

I give it 5 Stars....

Got mine and I liked it! I used it on a DWI stop and arrest last night. I showed it to a few officers and they are now getting one. Those that "shy" away from DWI’s don't yet understand the fight this will save in court. I also demonstrated it to an officer from another agency and he was floored by it. He said, "where did you get it? How much? I'm gonna get one and show the other guys!!!" I give it 5 Stars.

J. Shaffer, Dallas PD DWI Squad

Takes a lot of the error away from HGN testing.....

I hope you realize hope much it means to all of us that you guys are actively involved. No other company does what y'all do! It makes it all worth it to get support in any direction its given. I really believe this will change DWI's especially if departments realize that this takes a lot of the error away from HGN testing. Defense attorneys wont have a chance. Keep doing what your doing, we appreciate it in more ways than you know.

S. Judd, N.Carolina

Easy to use and train with....

Got my HGPeN a few months back and use it on all DWI stops. I also use it in DRE evaluations. Several Officers have approached me about the HGPeN and have asked many questions about it. They are stunned when they find out how easy it is to use and train with. I've also showed several prosecutors the HGPeN and they are on board with it. For those officers that turn their backs on DWI's or let them make the next turn that you happened not to see, this tool will make you more confident in you're arrest decisions and I would put my retirement on that. I give it 5 stars as well. Don't miss you're clues...get the HGPeN. The product is awesome. I also use it to teach new officers. Wish we had it back in the 90's and 2000's. It's plain great. Thank y'all.

K. McGee, McKinney Texas

It's user friendly, the design is flawless, and it just looks good.....

I've had mine for almost a month now and I love it. It's user friendly, the design is flawless, and it just looks good. Having a tool that times your HGN allows you to concentrate more on the eyes to get a true observation. I'm looking forward to my first trial and showing it to the defense attorney when he's grilling me about properly doing HGN. As the DUI Enforcement Coordinator for my agency, I'm highly recommending this tool to the rest of the my guys & gals. I've played with different roadside tools and this is the best, plain & simple.

J. Manalo, Colorado